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Report of Bullying



In the contact form at the bottom of this page, please provide us with any pertinent facts related to the situation, to assist us with the investigative process.


If known, the information should include:

1. Who is being harmed?

2. What are the names of any students participating in the bullying?

3. What are the names of any students or adults, who may have witnessed the bullying?

4. What is the location where the bullying is occurring (cafeteria, hallway, classroom, bus, etc…)?

5. When did the incident(s) occur or how frequently is it occurring?

6. Describe the bullying behavior that is taking place.


The following fields are OPTIONAL and confidential, and are not required to submit the form below:

First Name

Last Name



Contact Us
Your contact information is optional.  It is not required to submit this form.

Thank you for submitting. We will begin investigating this report immediately.

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