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Experiential Learning consists of a holistic approach based on the idea of “learning by doing.”  One of the key elements of Experiential Learning is the student, and that learning takes place as a result of being personally involved in this pedagogical approach.  Therefore, Experiential Learning engages the teachers with the student in direct experiences and focused reflection to help increase mastery of new knowledge.   

Based on the elements of Experiential Learning, students at PCA will experience adventure, risk-taking, failure, and other experiences that will contribute in building confidence, instilling a motivation to learn, and achieving mastery of content and the corresponding Florida Standards.  Students within each level (low, medium, high) will be pushed as well as supported in taking risks in a non-invasive learning environment that fosters risk-taking to increase achievement and student self-efficacy. In addition, PCA will promote meaningful and active learning by inviting students to apply their skills to solve real-world issues and make positive changes within their communities.   A key component of Experiential Learning is for students to view learning as relevant so that they are motivated to understand and apply concepts.


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