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Parrish Charter Academy’s mission statement reflects a commitment to providing a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also on personal and character development, community engagement, and the cultivation of innovation and integrity. We foster a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in both academic and life endeavors.

The mission of PCA outlines a comprehensive approach to education with several key components:

1. Academic Excellence for All Students: PCA is dedicated to providing academic excellence for all its students. This indicates a commitment to high educational standards and ensuring that each student has the opportunity to excel academically.

2. Experience and Self-Discovery: We believe in fostering learning through experience and self-discovery. PCA places an emphasis on hands-on and experiential learning methods that encourage students to actively engage with the material.

3. Developing Motivated, Independently Thinking Individuals: PCA aims to develop students into motivated and independently thinking individuals. This goal suggests a focus on not only imparting knowledge but also nurturing critical thinking skills and self-motivation.

4. Exemplary Character: The school places importance on character development, with the aim of producing students who demonstrate exemplary character traits. This includes qualities such as honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

5. Social Confidence: PCA seeks to build social confidence in its students with an emphasis on interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with others.

6. Service to the Community: Parrish Charter Academy encourages a sense of service to the community by instilling a sense of social responsibility and community engagement in students.

7. Cultivating Innovation and Integrity: PCA embraces the vision of being a school community that actively cultivates both innovation and integrity.  We encourage creativity and original thinking while maintaining a strong ethical foundation.

8. Challenging and Engaging Learning Environment: The school strives to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment. Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to stimulate students' intellectual growth and enthusiasm for learning.

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