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Dawn Patterson - Principal


Principal Dawn Patterson joins Parrish Charter Academy with strong credentials in effective teaching, coaching and school leadership from another charter school she served for twelve years. As a Principal, she embraces and exhibits the qualities of an Outstanding Principal:

1. Belief in and support of the faculty and staff.
2. Belief that all children can attain significant learning gains.
3. Is highly visible in all areas of the school and communicates effectively with students, teachers, support staff, parents, stakeholders of the school and the public-at-large.
4. Is an effective listener and excels in the art and skill of problem-solving.
5. Has the knowledge and ability to empower others.
6. Maintains a clear vision of where the school is headed and the means to get there.
7. Is fair and consistent by maintaining the consistent rules and procedures for all faculty, staff, parents and students.
8. Is dedicated to the school and demonstrates the belief that all decisions must be made in terms of what is in the best interest of the students, moreover, embodies school spirit!

Principal Patterson earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Flagler College, a Master of Education Degree from Concordia University and maintains a K-6 Teaching Certificate from the State of Florida.

Dawn grew up as an, “Army Brat” and lived in various places including Washington, D.C. and Vicenza, Italy. She appreciated living in diverse locations as it taught her the importance of trying new things, learning new perspectives, and most paramount, the importance of serving others. The hands-on experience methodology at PCA along with the student reflection component sparked Principal Patterson’s interest in Experiential Learning that Parrish Charter Academy will be presenting. She believes that through consistent and perpetual perseverance that every student at PCA, despite varying learning styles, will be educationally inspired.



Savanah Byers

Nicole Knight

Maria Neubauer

Denise Pavlowski


1st Grade

Jennie Boone

Alisha Buckman

Samara Navarra


2nd Grade

Mallory Fasel

Adriana Lugo

Trisha Tavares


3rd Grade

Andrea Kaplan

Lisa Quiles

Trudy Stoner



Spanish – Silka Kern

PE – Racquel Standifer


ESE/Student Services

Cindy Sutherland


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