Core Subjects

English Language Arts

K-8 students will engage in an academic program that will prepare them for high school and meet all graduation requirements in the state of Florida. Reading will be the cornerstone of the school as illustrated through the all literacy classes (i.e. Reading, Language Arts, and Transformational Literacy) and will follow Expeditionary Learning (EL) curriculum which aligns well with Experiential Learning. Based on the principles of Experiential Learning, EL Education is the igniting of curiosity by establishing learning opportunities that offer students something significant to think about, time to experiment, and time to make sense of what is observed throughout the process.  EL Education emphasizes on a constructivist approach to teaching and learning.  Therefore, PCA will concentrate on transforming teaching and learning in all subject areas into an ongoing process that is active, meaningful, shared, and collaborative which will not only support the average student but will also be conducive for remediation and the Gifted learner.


Students will be exposed to books in order to get hooked and become experts on compelling topics and texts.  The learning path will begin with building background, followed by extended reading and research, and extended writing.  Course standards that will be addressed in Literacy through EL includes fluency, reading comprehension, response to literature, writing strategies, writing form and purpose, writing fluency, listening and viewing strategies and comprehension, speaking fluency, speaking strategies and purpose, and technology and information in literacy.



Experiential Learning approach will transform the class into a workshop in which Mathematicians (students) are presented a complex problem and encouraged to formulate solutions through independent and/or group work. Teachers will create lessons/units based on the FS and use the variety of instructional strategies to ensure all student learning styles are met. As explained, the lesson may be a teacher-directed lesson, working in pairs or collaborative groups. A class may culminate with students sharing and comparing problem solving strategies or synthesizing mathematics concepts learned. The teacher may identify the need for remediation mini-lessons to be presented on areas in which students are struggling with or to present new discoveries students made.  In summation, to ensure that students are doing the thinking, mathematics teachers will utilize strategies to entice students to become flexible problem-solvers, articulate reasoning, and become metacognitive about the strategies they are applying.



Science and Social Studies/Social Sciences 


Teachers will create inquiry-based environments where students conduct themselves as teams of scientists and historians working on projects that are real-world based, interactive, and rigorous to focus on big ideas of compelling topics.  Science and social studies projects will require students to think, write, and research like social scientists or scientists, and to use the tools of inquiry specific to the disciplines studied. The in-depth inquiries of science and social studies projects will emphasize issues that stimulate inquiry.

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