Unique Middle School Courses

Rising Leaders Through Learning Excursions (6-8)


This is a semester long course that will fall under Florida’s Course Code-M/J Engaged Citizenship through Service Learning 1, 2 and 3.  The premise of this innovative course is to prepare students for leadership within PCA, as well as, within their community through Service-Learning concurrently reinforcing Covey’s common leadership language. Teachers will present case studies and hands-on activities that will help instill leadership skills and other best practices.  Significant dimensions in this course include the purpose of leadership studies, the definition of leadership, factors that influence leadership, leadership styles, skills necessary for effective leadership, and the way leaders influence others.  


The Learning Excursions component will expand on the leadership skills by incorporating the creation of projects for real-life public audiences such as community stakeholders and community professionals.  Students will be participating in fieldwork via Service-Learning activities which will promote student curiosity and background knowledge.  Moreover, students will become investigators and will learn from experts in the field as well as utilize their natural environment of their communities for research, fieldwork and service thereby fostering a connection with academics.  Field trips to local sites such as manatee tours, coastal cleanup projects, and aquifer experiences are a few real-world examples. This hands-on experiences will benefit students who are not exposed to concrete examples of real-world problems in their home life thus reinforcing skills and assisting with mastery.


Career Exploration (6-8 )


This is also a semester long course that will fall under Florida Course Code-M/J Career Research and Decision Making 1, 2 and 3 as well as fulfill the career planning requirement, as stated in Florida Statute 1003.4156. The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop basic knowledge and skill in the research process as they are exposed to a multitude of careers as well as strategies for communication, workplace etiquette, time management, and other career related topics. During lessons, students will engage in critical thinking as they delve into such topics as workplace communication, job searches, and professional behavior analysis.  The teacher will invite guest speakers from professions they are currently studying and take students into the field to observe experts and expand student attitudes and interests about different career options. 

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