Enrichment Classes

Culture and Character (K-2)

This class will facilitate students in becoming good citizens of PCA as well as in their home and community.  In this class, teachers will introduce Sean Covey’s The Seven Habits of Happy Kids which articulate a set of character traits and behaviors which are emphasized throughout the school. This will support reinforcing the expectations and common language the instructional staff will acquire in Covey’s The Leader in Me. The school’s mission appropriately aligns with the purpose of this class, which is to prepare students to gain social confidence and academic attainment by developing emotionally as well as intellectually.  Through role-playing and scenario-based activities, character traits will be reinforced within classrooms, throughout the school’s common areas, and communicated to be supported in the home and community. Students who qualify for Spanish-S (Spanish Speakers) will have the option of taking Spanish three times a week during this class time starting in year two.

Adventure and Fitness through Experiential Learning  (K-8)


This will concentrate on authentic learning processes and reviewed via Professional Development, resulting in PCA including an innovative twist on the typical course of physical education.  The purpose of Adventure and Fitness is to promote physical and mental fitness coupled with nutrition awareness with an emphasis on character development.  The role of the teacher is to facilitate the student in formulating connections between physical and academic challenges. Adventure and Fitness will integrate (a) adventures by way of physical and intellectual ventures and challenges such as ropes courses and physical activities for team building, (b) physical education and fitness including sports, fitness challenges, and projects, and (c) safety protocols to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the students. The curriculum will be aligned to the FS in Physical Education.  

Creative Studies (3-5)


Creative Studies is an innovative Art, Music and Performance class PCA has chosen in lieu of the traditional class for these grade levels. The class will introduce students to the visual and performing arts through creating displays, performances and plays, poetry, paintings, and the like. This will accord many occasions to work with our Partner, the PARRISH PLAYWORKS THEATRE.  Furthermore, Creative Studies will be an interdisciplinary class that will prepare students for learning through student-centered experiences rather than teacher-centered experiences.  By engaging and creating visual and performing arts pieces, students will strengthen their decision making skills and respond to real-world problems and processes as well to developing an understanding of working with Community Partners. This class will be an alternative to the traditional art and music class and students who qualify for Spanish-S will have the option of taking Spanish three times a week during this class time starting in year two.

Transformational Literacy and Creative Studies (3-5)


Transformational Literacy will incorporate all components of the reading process (comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary) and writing to create a culture of literacy across the disciplines. Students will acquire knowledge in writing for various purposes and across all areas of the curriculum.  Moreover, said class will function as an opportunity for remediation and/or enrichment of reading skills by ability grouping.


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